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The story

Ludwig van Beethoven, a famous composer and pianist of the 18th century… is back! He still loves to play the piano and compose music. It’s what he does best, as we all know it. However, we live in modern times, with powerful computers, multi-functional mobile devices and versatile technology all around us. So Beethoven would very much like to make use of all these opportunities to improve his compositions, to manage different versions of his songs in an easier manner, and to even share his songs and taste on the Internet using his Last.fm account.

There is just one minor detail: Beethoven has gone blind! He can hear (despite what history though us 😀 ), but he can’t see. So using technology is a bit tricky for him.

Let’s help him! Let’s put our minds together to create an easy way for Beethoven to continue to make us happy with his great songs. How? Simple: what we need to do is create an application which can be used to compose piano music on mobile devices, such as a touchscreen mobile phone, or a laptop, and which has to be very easy to use by someone who, unfortunately, can’t see. This involves finding intuitive and alternative ways of interacting with the user (and the user with the application), so that the absence of sight won’t represent a disadvantage. This includes simple touch gestures, voice commands and audio feedback, and so on…

We have some ideas. With your help, we can improve these ideas and make a great application. I’m sure Beethoven will be delighted. Stay tuned as we will keep you posted with our progress on this project. And also please keep an eye out for polls or discussions that we will sure start here. :)


Comments on: "The story" (2)

  1. Maybe, can a virtual eyes implant ? 😈
    Keep up the good work ! 😉

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