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The third idea

Previously we wrote about the first two ideas we had for poor blind Beethoven so now we’ll explain the third one. This one consists in “reading” user’s gestures. The idea is very simple: the user wears gloves that are sensible to pressure.  So the whole system will work like this:

  • The user wears the glove and stays at a table and… plays piano (without the actual piano keyboards)
  • Each finger is pressure-sensitive and, if you touch a hard surface (like the table), it will act like you pressed a certain piano key:
  • The order of the ”keys” is below:
  • To prevent accidental inputs (like playing notes when you pick up a glass 😀 ), there is also a pressure-sensitive zone at the bottom of the palm (the blue area):
  • On the top of the hand there is another special pressure-sensitive zone which takes the user to the menu, giving him more options (the red area):

This idea is very intuitive while actually playing piano notes, but it’s not that easy for the user to remember all functions assigned to each finger.


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