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Today’s meeting was again very fruitful and very fun. The main tasks were to design a cover for the iPhone that could help us to develop the 4th model described by Alex here and to establish  the Personas for our project. The second task was successfully done (as you can see in the previous post), and the first one was..half done. :d

Marina suggested that we can build a nice prototype for the cover using..plasticine :). So we took the sketches that we draw last time and having the main material in hands, we started the “work”. Andreea was very excited by the plasticine (and I must admit,  so was I),  so we were the ones busy with the modelling.

Because the temptation was too big, Beethoven was “modeled” from plasticine too 🙂 , so there’s the final result:

And here is Beethoven, in his full splendor 🙂 :

So, Marina’s idea was nice and funny, but because Andreea wouldn’t let her iPhone being covered in plasticine and because this cover wouldn’t help us that much when it comes to the implementation, we decided that we should find a more reliable solution.

The ideal cover should have  delimiters, in order to be easily used by our poor blind Beethoven. But the touch screen  technology is tricky and wouldn’t let us build a cover from any material we want. So we tried paper, sponge, plastic, but none of these offered any help. We started  to read something about this, and with and our old friend Gogu‘  we discovered that the best choice for our cover should be a conductor material.

First conductor “material” that we had around was Andreea’s battery from her  clock. We tried to make some gestures on the iPhone’s screen with it and indeed it worked. But because we can’t create a cover just from batteries, without any additional materials, and as I told you before none of paper, plastic or sponge would help us, the only material that wasn’t tested was the tinfoil. We put Alex to search his house for tinfoil (or for chocolate covered in tinfoil :)) — well we hadn’t that much luck, ’cause he didn’t find it anywhere, but a small visit to the closest shop solved our problem :).

We were right ’bout the tinfoil, it helped us making the gestures on the screen easily. In conclusion, we found the right material for the cover.

As I said at the beginning of this post the second task was half done, because it was already too late and  we didn’t had the time to finish the  cover, but I’m pretty sure that will be nicely done at our next meeting.

Stay tuned to see the final results! 🙂


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  1. ah, I almost forgot : Alex, sorry for the mess we made today 🙂

  2. […] a previous post we told that we had some problems finding a material easy to shape and conductor to create a cover […]

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