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Pros and Cons

Cover idea


  • The user recognizes easily the  buttons .
  • The buttons are marked with Braille letters.
  • The “piano” keys have triangular shape and therefore the keys are bigger and can be pressed easier.
  • The navigation between controls and menu is pretty intuitive.


  • The cover is designed for this application only (it can not be used in other contexts).
  • Because of the small size of the screen it is hard to not press by mistake another key.

Drawing idea


  • It doesn’t need any additional hardware.
  • It is not required to have a previous experience with the piano.


  • It is the less intuitive idea for the final user because this changes the usual way of playing the piano or any other device which replaces the piano.
  • It might be pretty hard for the user to get used with the controls and it is very likely to confuse them.
  • Due to user’s disability and the fact that the musical notes are represented as vectors (vertical, horizontal and diagonal) it is hard for the user to know the right direction.

Glove idea


  • It is the most intuitive because it preserves the original way of playing the piano.
  • It has the simplest menu (it only has the keys from the fingers and one above the hand).
  • It can be used anywhere.


  • It requires additional hardware.
  • Each finger is pressure-sensitive and, if you touch a hard surface it will act like you pressed a certain piano key.


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