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In a previous post we told that we had some problems finding a material easy to shape and conductor in the same time, in order to create a cover for the phone.

After doing  some research on the internet, asking friends and searching better our houses we found a material which interacts with the capacitive  touch screen of the phone.

As you can see in the picture below, the ares from the screen are delimited by tin lines. Also the controls which indicate “next” or “previous” are marked with tin.

In the storrytelling post, we presented you a sketch for this cover and there was mentioned that the main controls of the application will be marked with Braille letters . In the order that appear on the cover the letters are : S – Save/ Share , H – Home , ? – Help (first line ),  B – Browse,  E – Edit, O –  Options,  C – Change Characters, D – Delete, N – New (second line).


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