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The prototype for the cover

In a previous post we told that we had some problems finding a material easy to shape and conductor in the same time, in order to create a cover for the phone.


Use Case Diagrams

Create a new song


Work and fun

Today’s meeting was again very fruitful and very fun. The main tasks were to design a cover for the iPhone that could help us to develop the 4th model described by Alex here and to establish  the Personas for our project. The second task was successfully done (as you can see in the previous post), and the first one was..half done. :d

Marina suggested that we can build a nice prototype for the cover using..plasticine :). So we took the sketches that we draw last time and having the main material in hands, we started the “work”. Andreea was very excited by the plasticine (and I must admit,  so was I),  so we were the ones busy with the modelling.



This application is developed for a certain segment of users, namely for those who have sight disabilities. They either lost their sight at a certain age, either are blind since birth. They have different ages and occupations. The table below provides information about them and a brief description of their occupations and their experience with the music.


Second meeting

Today we had our second meeting. We established the main functionalities of our application and ate cake 🙂 .

PS : The cake ruuulllleed!

The team

Cufliuc Marina

Drăguşanu Cristian-Alexandru

Iuga Andreea Alexandra

Stan Petronela

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