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Real size model

These pictures show a 1:1 representation of the cover used in our second proposal for this project, built using  modeling clay.

The second picture can be used to get an idea about the actual size of the model.


Pros and Cons

Cover idea


  • The user recognizes easily the ¬†buttons .
  • The buttons are marked with Braille letters.
  • The “piano” keys have triangular shape and therefore the keys are bigger and can be pressed easier.
  • The navigation between controls and menu is pretty intuitive.


  • The cover is designed for this application only (it can not be used in other contexts).
  • Because of the small size of the screen it is hard to not press by mistake another key.


Our very first ideas

This is our first sketch. It contains a few ideas for a gesture-based interface to be used on a device having a touchscreen. More details about it will be available soon.

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